Collection Manager System

Collection Manager System

The Collection Manager System™ is our collection and debt recovery system which has been in use by our clients for nearly two decades. The Collection Manager System was designed by collection managers, business owners, accountants, collectors, and programmers, all of whom have many years of experience in the collection industry. The Collection Manager System was specifically designed to automate the processing of debt recovery and check collection data. As the collection industry continues to evolve, so does the Collection Manager System. At Remware, we work hard to make our clients the most efficient and profitable in the debt collection and recovery industry.

Collection Manager™ Advantages & Features

Remware's Collection Manager System is designed to be a flexible software application which can support multiple offices and lines of collection businesses and includes:

  • On-line accounting totals and statistics by office, client and collector
  • Customizable account management by system, office and client
  • History tracking processing, client, item, collector and user activity
  • Accounts Receivable and Billing and Letter Service
  • Pre-Collection, Regular and Medical Collection
  • Check Collection and Check Guarantee
  • Integrated Legal Package
  • Electronic new business listings and payment reporting
  • Outsourcing of letter printing and mailing interfaces
  • Third-party power dialing integration
  • Interface to authorization systems and skip tracing
  • EFT processing customization
  • Data transfer via the Internet
  • Integrated Check Verification
  • Credit Bureau Reporting
  • Check Imaging
  • Remote Client Access


CMS Product Options

Collection Manager™ In-House Server

Remware provides a stand-alone turn-key Linux® Server which operates the Collection Manager™. This server is configured to connect to your existing network, allowing you full flexibility in accessing and processing your daily work.

Collection Manager™ System ASP Internet Solution

We realize that while many businesses want access to the best tools available, they prefer to avoid the initial upfront cost of computer hardware. This is why we developed the Remware ASP solution.

As an Application Service Provider (ASP), Remware offers your business a seamless online solution providing your office full access to the Collection Manager System via a secure Internet connection. The ASP solution provides your business with full featured debt collection and recovery system for a reasonable monthly fee.

The Remware ASP solution is a true cost-effective tool with full access to all of the advantages of Remware's Collection Manager System, including optional modules like Remote Web Access and Check Imaging.

ASP Benefits & Features

  • No expensive networking, computer equipment and computer maintenance costs.
  • Ability to add multiple office locations which can connect to your business' data as easily as your main office.
  • Latest software technology at no additional cost. No software to buy or install. Upgrades are automatic and free, so you are always using the latest version.
  • Minimal service downtime due to maintenance being performed off-site and during off-peak hours.
  • Application Server can be accessed from any location via the Internet.
  • No more data loss worries and expense. Data backup is performed nightly with data integrity verified, saving you the time and hassle of managing it yourself.
  • No extra charge for additional office locations.
  • Support is just a phone call away and problems can be resolved easily since your data is available to our support staff.
  • Optional check imaging allowing your office staff to view images instantly.
  • Optional merchant remote access allowing your merchant to view their inventory, new business, client contracts and check history through a secure Internet connection.

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