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register_button CSL has developed a hosted solution that compliments any existing practice management software system. Membership benefits afford you access to our comprehensive line of Customer Transaction Services or CTS. Our ability to communicate with your management software allows the seemless movement of data between our system and yours. Our product solutions include, Appointment Reminders, Patient Records & Document Portal, Escalated Payment Reminders, Pre-Collection notices, Account Recovery submission, and Account management Portal for access and management of patients in the system.

Members on our provider network experience these benefits:
tick_blueProfessional patient management tools
tick_blueOnline systems for invoicing, reminders.
tick_blueAdditional Unique Membership tools - Online access from anywhere in the world

Remware's CTS system is a pay as you go solution so you don't have to commit thousands of dollars a month you only pay for what you need. Our unique point system allows you to pick and choose what products you wish to use.ArrowDownGreenGloss

CTS offers you total control of your customer contact needs.

Remware's CTS suite of solutions offers you total control of the key business tools you need to manage your day to day tasks. CTS puts the tools you need most at your fingertips no matter were you are in the world. Our solutions are a compilation of the most important customer contact tools used everyday. ArrowDownGreenGloss

Appointment Reminders

Let our reminder service do the work for you. You can record a custom message or submit a message and one of our live agents will make the call for you.

Escalated Payment Reminders

We give you the flexability to send recorded reminder messages or request a live agent to call patients when co-pays are due or to remind them of a payment that is due.


Select from one of our proven leters to notify patients that an account they have with you is delinquent and needs immediate action.

Skip Tracing

Submit patient information into our skip tracing solution and get the most current address available for patients who fail to update patient information sheets.

Account Recovery

Whether you have a collection agency or not you can submit accounts to CTS and we will send the accounts to one of our pre-screened agencies or one of your choice.

Patient Records & Documents Portal

Using the CTS patient portal solution you can upload information and documents allowing your patients to view their records.

Accounts Receivable Portal

This portal is your access to accounts that have been entered into the CSL system so you can review and manage your patients from anywhere.

Collection Module

For those who wish to operate an in-house collection department CSL offers a comprehensive collection module that works with any practice management software.


Registration is free




Registration is free

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