Collection Services


Collection Services

Complementary Pre-Collection

This service is designed to wake up your customers and let them know you are serious about there bill. It is a 2 letter service over a 30 period anyone who does not pay in that time will roll ever into our full service collection department.

Pre-paid 5 notice Pre-Collection

This is a 75 day collection service where your customers get 5 notices (one every 2 weeks). This services establishes a reminder system inspiring your customers to get there debt taken care of right away.

Medical Billing

While our Medical billing services can be tailored based on volume and/or need there are two main types:

Early out, this type of service is provided after claims have been submitted to insurance and the co-pay is left or the claim is denied. This service lasts 30 days and works as a reminder service to get the patient to come in and take care of his balance.

Traditional billing service which works over a 60 day time frame. CSL will make out bound phone calls and set up payment arrangements with patients.

Accounts Receivable Recovery

This is the final straw when it comes to options for a debtor to pay his bill. Whether it is the final step to your Pre-collection or billing service or you choose to send your accounts directly to
collections we will GET RESULTS!

Use Skip Tracing To Locate Your Customers/Clients

Occasionally customers/clients will move from location to location. If CSL is unable to establish contact with your customers/clients due to moving, we will immediately start Skip Tracing. Once
the customer/client has been located CSL's policy is to initiate Fast results.

What you can expect

All costs involved with Legal Collections are covered by CSL's Legal contingency rate. Once an account has been transferred to Legal the following action will occur:

  • File a Complaint With The Courts
  • Argue Case In Court On Your Behalf
  • Secure Judgment On Verified Asset
  • Enforce Judgment on Customer/Client
  • Collect YOUR MONEY for you!


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